What are the legalities of home renovation?

Some projects require more than others. Generally, you can expect the need to obtain a permit. When you begin the renovation process with us, we will take the time to walk you through each step. You will never be alone in the process.

How long will my renovation take?

Renovations vary widely from project to project. The only way to obtain a true estimate of the time needed is to schedule a free on-site estimate. We will explain the process and the estimated time of completion.

How do I decide on finishes and appliances?

Finishes, fixtures and appliances are all part of customizing your home to your exact taste. We strive for complete satisfaction. If you have questions, or need recommendations at any part of the process, we are here to help. Our experience in Hoboken kitchen renovation and beyond has earned us the skills needed to aid you in your selection.

What can be renovated or remodeled in my home?

They sky is the limit. In Hoboken, we are the best in kitchen and bath renovations, living room and bedroom renovations and everything in between. If you have a project you aren’t quite sure about, give us a call to discuss your project – free of charge! Learn more on our services page.

How much does a renovation cost?

Renovation costs vary as much as houses and the families that live in them. There is no set price on a renovation because no renovation is the same. We strive to the be the most reputable Hoboken remodeling contractor. That is why we provide free, no obligation, on-site estimates. This gives us a chance to learn more about the style, functionality and vision you have for your project.

Are you experienced with kitchen renovation?

We have been providing Hoboken kitchen renovation services for over 14 years. Our reputation is based on our quality of workmanship and customer service. We are happy to provide references of some our satisfied customers.

Can I have two renovation projects going at once?

Yes! We offer a wide range of renovation and remodeling options and we want to be a part of creating the perfect living space for you and your family. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.

Will it be loud or messy?

Unfortunately, construction is a very noisy process. Because it may be uncomfortable at times, we strive to finish the project as timely as possible without overlooking the details.

Any type of construction work creates some debris. It may look like a disaster area during construction, but when we leave your home after completing a project, we take the debris and mess with us.

What if I do not have a clear idea of what I want done in my bathroom or any other room for that matter?

We are the best Hoboken bathroom contractor and Hoboken renovation contractor. We pride ourselves on customer service and helping our clients realize their dreams. We can work together to discover the perfect design for you and your family. All it takes is one call to our office to get started!

I live in Weehawken, do you service that area?

We are the best choice for a Weehawken remodeling contractor. We have proudly provided our renovation and remodeling services in your area for years. Contact us for references in your area.

What is your complete service area?

Distinctive Custom Renovation provides renovation services for Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City, NJ. If you live outside that area, we may still be able to help. Contact us to discuss your project.